Events & Modules

Gamified Events

We offer unique range of gamified events and training programme modules to develop individuals and/or teams.

Both are classroom based and can be provided either in-house or offsite.  For more information, please contact us.

Our gamified events enable participants to build core Procurement skills and knowledge, through a series of increasingly  complex challenges.   These games can cater to a range of audience levels, whether you want to attract new talent, onboard new hires and trainees, or develop your existing Procurement team.

Training Programme

Our comprehensive training programme for teams and Procurement Leaders, based on our considerable experience leading Procurement team transformation, negotiating complex deals particularly within regulated financial services, and managing relationships to deliver value. 

We can help you develop your skills in embedding client - supplier partnerships, managing delivery and performance, and setting and implementing your negotiation strategy to secure services contract terms which provide win-win outcomes.

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