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Events & Modules

Experiential and Gamified Events

We offer unique range of gamified events, experiential learning, business simulations and training modules to develop individuals and/or teams. 


These also include a variety of business simulations based in real-world experiences for academic institutions to support student immersive learning over days or weeks, helping them prepare for or progress on their career path.  

We can deliver these either online or classroom based (in-house or offsite).  For more information, please contact us.

Our learning enables participants to build core skills and knowledge, through a series of increasingly complex sceanrios and challenges.  


Experiential learning can help individuals and teams learn and practice their skills in a safe environment, helping them to Plan and Deliver Projects, Enable Organisational Change, Manage Relationships, consider Business Continuity or Project Risk, participate in Sourcing Tenders & Bids, understand Ethical Supply Chains, and address important factors such as Sustainable Development, Social Value and Circular Economy

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Our gamified and experiential learning scenarios can be set in a variety of industry sectors and played from different perspectives: as a project team, buyer or supplier, enabling participants to plan a strategic project, respond to IT service issues, run a tender or creating a winning bid.  They can also support a range of audience levels, whether you want to attract new talent, onboard new hires and trainees, or develop your existing team.

Sustainable Social Value is becoming increasing critical in sourcing, for both buyers and suppliers.  Our Sustainable Social Value  Games, Workshops and Training, enable players to better understand its role, identify target outcomes and measures, and manage the delivery of benefits to organisations and communities.  Contact us if you want to find out more.

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Training Programme

Our comprehensive training programme for individuals and teams, is based on our considerable experience leading transformation, negotiating complex deals, and managing relationships to deliver value. 

Sustainable Social Value is becoming increasing critical in sourcing, for both client organisations and suppliers.  Our Sustainable Social Value Training, Workshops and unique coaching based Prompt Cards to help businesses understand sustainability and social value opportunities, and develop action plans for their delivery.  We provide greater insight into the role of sustainability and social value, target outcomes and measures, case examples and the benefits it brings to organisations and communities.   Contact us if you want to find out more.

Whether you are a buyer or a supplier, we can help you develop your skills in embedding client - supplier partnerships, managing delivery and performance, and setting and implementing your negotiation strategy to secure contract terms which provide win-win outcomes.

If you are a SME supplier, our training aims to help you better understand the tender process and write a tender response, as well as providing hints and tips on negotiating contracts and managing statements of work.

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We also offer a Train to Hire skills based curriculum, enabling employers to train and develop new recruits in core skills and knowledge, over 6 weeks.  Its our aim to help create pathways to employment in the Procurement profession, and assist employers in building a talent pipeline for the future. 

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