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Supplier Teams

Building relationships with clients takes time, collaboration and trust.  It can be challenging for both parties to understand each others perspective of what's important, how success can be measured and the best approach to working together.

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We work with you to improve understanding of what client organisations need when sourcing partners, including tender responses, commercial negotiation, statements of work and governance considerations, to better enable suppliers to meet client outcomes and develop a win-win relationship. 

We offer hands on support in complex contract negotiations, to achieve sustainable commercial terms, outcomes and performance measures that work for both parties.  We bring experience of strengthening supplier contract terms and statements of work to manage risk, ensuring pricing, deliverables and responsibilities are clearly understood.  We assist you in understanding client governance models, including regulatory requirements for cloud and outsourcing governance.  

Our toolkits and expertise can help enhance your approach to client sourcing blueprints and category strategies, tender requirements and evaluation, contract negotiation, delivery and relationship management.

Through our experiential learning, training and coaching packages we can help your teams develop the skills and expertise, to increase commercial understanding and enhance customer experience.

Enable your account teams to be a strategic partner, offering a customer driven, flexible and agile approach to service excellence.  Position them to understand clients, to share cultures and values, and champion the delivery of mutual objectives beyond contract deliverables.  

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