Our social initiatives

We believe its important to make a positive contribution to our profession and local communities.  That's why we're working on two initiatives to help attract and support people in their aspirations for careers in Procurement or Technology. 

School challenges

We are pleased to offer a range of FREE fun challenges which school students can use to introduce them to different aspects of procurement and technology; whilst supporting education Curriculum for Excellence competencies and benchmarks such as numeracy, literacy and health and wellbeing. 

We are a proud partner of Scotland's Enterprising Schools, who offer our procurement and technology challenges and lots more through their website

You can try our FREE easy-read Climate Change Challenge using these Lesson Plan and Student Brief PDFs.



There is no requirement for students to have pre-existing knowledge or experience, as the challenges aim build foundational skills and become increasing complex as students develop.


Built around social issues that matter to young people such as climate change, the challenges also aim to help participants develop core competencies for the workplace e.g. creativity, problem solving, planning, teamwork and communication.  The lesson plans highlight how student experience in using these skills during the challenges can provide helpful examples for competency-based interviews.     


Working in collaboration with leading recruitment agencies, education institutions and charities, we share insight on the range of roles in the marketplace, CV and interview hints and tips, and options for higher/further education.  A HUGE THANK YOU to our amazing collaborators for their contributions: People Know How, Glasgow Caledonian University, Drummond Bridge Recruitment and Change Recruitment. 

If you're a school or club who would be interested in using these challenges, simply email our mailbox to find out more.

Employability training

We've created an intensive curriculum, incorporating a unique blend of training and experiential learning, which aims to help individuals build foundational Procurement skills for entry level roles.  Participants learn through a series of training modules and challenges, providing them with an environment where they can learn through practice. 

Working with a variety of organisations we plan to trial this with young adults or people seeking re-employment, to help demonstrate to employers the opportunity a Train to Hire approach could represent to their organisation.

We also aim to establish the use of coaches to support individuals during their first year’s employment, encouraging their personal development and contribution to the employer organisation.

If you're an employer seeking to take an innovative approach to building a talent pipeline for your Procurement function, please contact us to find out more.

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