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Our consulting services, provide strategic expertise and hands on execution in transformational change, cost optimisation, robust governance and building exceptional partnerships.

We work with leaders, teams and partner suppliers, individually or jointly, to enable their organisation's business objectives.  

Leadership which engages teams in setting and executing a clear strategic direction, culture, and outcomes; is essential to any organisation.  Client teams and partner suppliers working together are key enablers to its success, whether that's increasing digital capability, improving performance or achieving significant cost savings.  Our world is ever changing, with greater innovation and sustainability within organisations and their supply chains, developing our people and leveraging our partnerships is critical. 

We assist you in assessing and transforming organisational structure, teams, processes, negotiations, supply chain sustainability, risk management, contracts and relationships; to maximise value, effectiveness and efficiency.  Our expertise can position your teams to deliver service excellence and business benefits that are sustainable and measurable.  


We also offer a range of toolkits which aim to support you in improving functional maturity.

Procurement categories; Category Strategy; Procurement transformation; Procurement expertise; Procurement best practice; Procurement innovation; Supplier innovation; Procurement strategy; Supplier strategy; Manage supplier risk; Mitigate supplier risk; Efficient procurement; Effective supplier management; Unlock supplier value; Maximise supplier value; Supplier performance;  Procurement innovation; Supplier innovation; Strategic sourcing; Sourcing plan; Measurable savings; Sustainable supply chain; Procurement savings; Procurement value; Procurement process; Procurement assessment; Procurement maturity assessment; Procurement process redesign; Supplier relationship management; Supplier assessment; Upskill procurement teams; Upskill vendor management teams; Upskill Supplier relationship management teams; Procurement organisational structure; Procurement leadership; Reduce costs; Cost savings; Procurement benefits; Supplier value; Supplier quality; Provide advice; Achieve results; Deliver results; Procurement process excellence; Procurement service excellence; Manage procurement categories; Manage procurement tenders; Deliver procurement categories; Deliver procurement tenders; Supplier evaluation; Contract tender; Contract negotiation; Contract award; Contract management; Business driven procurement; Agile procurement; Agile suppliers; Continuous improvement procurement; Continuous supplier improvement; Procurement training; Procurement skills; Procurement beginner skills; Procurement intermediate skills; Procurement advanced skills; Grow procurement knowledge; Procurement experience; Develop procurement skills;

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