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'Partnership' Delivers Value through Collaboration, Communication, Pro-activity and Shared Goals.

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Our consulting services, provide strategic advice on transformational change, cost optimisation and building exceptional partnerships.


We work with Procurement and Supplier teams, individually or jointly, to enable their organisation's business objectives. 


Our gamified events, training programme and coaching packages are designed to support leaders and teams who value high performance.


We cover a wide range of training topics to build key commercial skills, advance procurement leaders and boost emerging talent.



We are passionate about our profession and creating a diverse talent pipeline for the future.

That's why we launched a series of FREE school challenges and lesson plans; and an intensive Train to Hire curriculum for employers seeking entry level candidates.

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Angela Porte has worked in the Public Sector and Financial Services Industry for 30 years in a range of senior IT and Procurement roles, and is a regular speaker at international conferences and events. 


She has worked extensively to transform teams and embed best practice, to deliver business outcomes, service improvements and significant cost savings.  Angela typically advises on achieving best in class sourcing, deal negotiation strategies, and optimising contract frameworks and supplier relationships.


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