Sustainability & Social Value

Sustainability and Social Value is such a big and diverse topic it can be difficult for many organisations to know where to begin. Its why I'm so pleased to be supporting Borders College Community Renewal free learning events, with Sustainability and Social Value at their heart.

There are lots of amazing sources out there to help us understand Sustainability or Social Value targets we could adopt or changes we could make. However it can still seem challenging to see how they might align with your business model and supply chain without being overwhelming. In some cases it may lead to inaction if stakeholders struggle to decide what targets are right for them or try to achieve more than they can deliver, when time and resources are finite.

Starting with small steps is key, educating your business, looking at real-life examples and identifying some quick wins can take you forward on a journey toward ever increasing goals. If you can identify 3 things you can change with reasonable ease and speed, its the start of an action plan for a positive impact on sustainability and social value for your organisation.

Simple techniques like brainstorming and star-bursting can help you identify opportunities within your business and set achievable targets. We can start with bite-size changes and build from there, gaining momentum.

If you haven't started your journey just yet why not consider what you might be able to do, for example to minimise the generation of waste, increase recycling and re-use, remove single use plastics, enable greater workplace equality and wellbeing, incorporate more small businesses in your supply chain, or even assist with work experience opportunities to help communities recover post pandemic. If you have already done these, that's great, but please build on these and continue to lead the way for others.

Consider the what, why, how, when, who and where to establish your steps for action: what can you change, why it matters (benefits), how you could implement the change, by when and who can help you do this?

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